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The First National Conference on the Prevention of Violence against Children and Women, “Reality and Challenges”

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Workers providing health, social, legal and educational services to women and children will convene on December 18 to review and address challenges hindering progress in the prevention of violence against children and women.

The First National Conference on the Prevention of Violence against Children and Women, "Reality and Challenges", will also bring together representatives from several UN organisations, the media and academia.

Hani Jahshan, chairman of the conference, told reporters yesterday that the two-day event seeks to deliver a serious message to all segments of society that violence against children and women is unjustifiable and must be prevented at the national level.

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Home Agenda for ARIJ’s Fourth Annual Conference for Investigative Journalists 2011

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Every year, over 300 investigative journalists from the Arab world meet for three days at our annual conference to share tools of the trade and learn how to perfect their jobs. The first and only pan-Arab conference is packed with panels, workshops, plenary sessions and roundtables covering the latest developments and research techniques in the international and regional field of professional investigative reporting.

Over 120 brave journalists and editors from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Tunisia who have produced edge-cutting investigations supported by ARIJ, present working methodologies they have used to unveil an issue of concern to their local communities and discuss the positive changes that have occurred after the publication or broadcasting of their investigation.
Of course, international award-winning investigative journalists, prominent editors and media academics are also invited, to both pass on their professional strategies and to network with Arab journalists eager to engage in cross-border investigations.

The conference has become known for the practical tips, story clips and ideas shared by participants. Sessions range from hands-on computer training and tools to dig deeper into stories and give readers the information they want, to panels on more specialized techniques and thematic training such as following corruption.
Subjects range from the latest in Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) tools and multi-media and info-graphic publishing techniques, to crowd sourcing strategies to improve data collection and presentation.

Everyone is there to give and to take for the benefit of a more professional and independent media in the region and beyond. Everyone wants to share strategies for locating documents and gaining access to public records, finding the best stories and managing investigations.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to be among journalists who have joined the media bandwagon of the 21st century and are eager to be part of the international investigative reporting movement. Join the discussion on how to practice investigative journalism in print, broadcast, web and alternative newsroom models.

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