Media Appearances

Below you will find media appearances and recorded public talks by Rana Sweis. The print, radio and television interviews include discussions about Voices of Jordan.

Chicago Council for Global Affairs

09 April 2021

Royal rift in Jordan

Deutsche Welle (DW)

04 April 2021

Royal rift in Jordan

Sky News UK

04 April 2021
Live Interview on Royal rift in Jordan.

BBC World Service – Weekend Radio

04 April 2021

BBC News Website

04 April 2021

National Public Radio (NPR)

04 April 2021

Contemporary Review of the Middle East

15 March 2021

Book Review: Voices of Jordan

Irish Times

04 August 2020

Qantara Book Review: A realistic snapshot of Jordanian society

17 June 2019

“Viewed as a whole, Sweisʹ portraits create a fascinating mosaic of Jordanian society – a society which is anything but static, instead undergoing a perceptible process of upheaval and awakening, with no certainty as to where the path will lead. Reading this book might cause us to look differently at the events of 2011, because the changes that the book illuminates were underway long before 2011 and are still ongoing.

– Martina Sabra

Read the book review here

Book Review in The Jordan Times

27 February 2019

“This book is a delight to read because of the sensitivity, sincerity and pure grace with which Sweis describes the character, lifestyle, dreams and disappointments of those she interviewed. It is also very current. While the book is light on historical background, it is heavy on the human side, going into depth about current issues and how they affect people’s daily lives.”

– Sally Bland

Read the book review here

Voices of Jordan Interview on Amman TV

09 February 2019

Part 3 Interview with Helwa ya Dunya morning on Roya TV

15 December 2018

Part 2 Interview with Helwa ya Dunya morning on Roya TV

15 December 2018

Part 1 Interview with Helwa ya Dunya morning on Roya TV

15 December 2018

Voices of Jordan on Al Urdun Al Yowm Morning Show, Jordan

13 December 2018

Voices of Jordan on Morning Show, Jordan Television

13 December 2018

Chatham House: Voices of Jordan – The Kingdom in the Centre of the Middle East

28 November 2018

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs: JORDAN: A STRUGGLE FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST

28 November 2018

Radio Interview with Chicago’s WBEZ 91.5 – WorldView

28 November 2018

Jordan: The Challenges of Democracy-building, Syrian Refugees, and Saudi Arabia

In the past couple of years, Jordan has been greatly affected by ongoing conflict happening in surrounding areas. Its neighboring countries, like Syria, Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia have all contributed to mass tension within the country. Notably, Jordan has become a central to hosting Syrian refugees within the Zaatari camp, located in Jordan’s fourth largest city. Joining us to discuss Jordan’s role in the Middle East and U.S.-Jordan relationships is Rana Sweis. Sweis is a Jordanian journalist covering political, social, and refugee issues in the Middle East. She’s a frequent contributor to the New York Times. Sweis is also founder and managing director of Wishbox Media, and her latest book is Voices of Jordan, a compilation of stories about Jordan and the Middle East told through the lives of ordinary people.

Guest commentator on TRT World’s Money Talks

05 June 2018

Joined this reportage by TRT World’s Money Talks programme to discuss the news headline of Jordanian PM quits over austerity protests.