Media Projects

Media Project Manager

Alex Soros Foundation: For this project, we managed to create a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and an upcoming video feature on Syria's 'lost generation'. The Ideas Box is a portable media center, and in November 2016  a number of Ideas Boxes will be installed in Jordanian host communities and Syrian refugee camps as well. The Ideas Box serves disadvantaged and displaced peoples across five continents, and has recently won the French Google Impact Challenge.

Researcher and writer

Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Assigned to write a report on the Syrian refugee crisis and its impact on Europe. The research  included a visit to Brussels to deepen understanding of the different institutions there and the European Union’s work in terms of the refugee crisis.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation: Assigned to write policy paper titled titled "Familiar Slogans, a Skeptical Public: The 2016 Parliamentary Elections" on Jordan’s challenges and path to political reform.

Media Consultant

Community Media Network (CMN):  Quality assessment covering objectives of EU action plan for Hona Zarqa (Zarqa is Here) which trains women in Zarqa citizen journalism and media techniques to publish a biweekly newspaper which includes media content from a women's point of view  focusing on the development in Zarqa city. The women citizen journalists are producing media content addressing poverty, education, health, youth, pollution, unemployment, etc. The project aims at enhancing women rights culture and empowering them in Zarqa city. January – December, 2015. Visit website.

Social Media Manager

New Arab Debates: a project by acclaimed British journalist Tim Sebastian through which he invites a new generation to get involved in politics - to discuss the issues that affect their lives, suggest solutions, hold politicians to account and help shape history. The project ended in May 2015. Visit Facebook page.

Executive Committee Member

Leaders of Tomorrow: a youth non-profit organization providing trainings to dozens of youths in debating skills, leadership skills and social media. Visit website.

Board Member

Community Media Network (CMN): a media non-profit organization, the first to open a community radio station in the Middle East, Radio Balad. January - July, 2015. Visit website.

Advisory Board Member

UNESCO’s Jordan Media Development Indicators assessment: framework is applied in countries worldwide to carry out in-depth assessments of their media environment. Read report.