• ARIJ’s Fifth Annual Conference for Investigative Journalists 2012

    ARIJ’s Fifth Annual Conference for Investigative Journalists 2012

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  • 8th Bodrum Roundtable organized by Istanbul based EDAM

    8th Bodrum Roundtable organized by Istanbul based EDAM (Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies) and London based CER (Centre for European Reform). October 2012.
    The event will bring together a select group of participants from politics, business, media and civil society. This year’s discussions will cover the implications of the euro crisis for the future of the EU and economic growth in Europe, as well as the politics and economics of aiding the transitions in the Arab world.


  • Mapping Digital Media Advocacy Summit

    The Mapping Digital Media advocacy summit in Istanbul gathered researchers and partners from 60 countries working on the Mapping Digital Media project. The Open Society Media Program has also commissioned background papers on a range of topics that are important for understanding the effects of new technology on media and journalism. The papers accompany a series of reports, “Mapping Digital Media,” on the impact of digitization on democracy in 60 countries around the world.

    The turmoil afflicting traditional media may well lead to a renaissance for investigative journalism in digital media. Whether or not this happens, however, will probably depend on whether journalists can come to terms with profound shifts in both the ethical and the commercial values of their work. This paper argues that objectivity will be increasingly displaced by transparency as an ethical base for journalism. On the commercial side, ubiquity will have greater value than exclusivity.

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  • Global Thinkers Forum

    The GT Conference focuses on the role of the modern woman, in the MENA region and globally as well as discussions on leadership October 7-8, 2012.

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  • Leveraging Spectrum for Democracy

    Leveraging Spectrum for Democracy: Securing the gains from the Arab Spring Conference at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs May 3rd, 2012 The goal of this one-day conference is to bring spectrum policy to life as a tool for democracy and development. Through high-level panel presentations, technical demonstrations, candid conversations, and a series of commissioned papers about how this can be translated into on-the-ground action, attendees will come away with better insight into the world of spectrum and a strategic approach to advocating for best-practice spectrum policy.

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  • Aspen Mediterranean Initiative

    In collaboration with Aspen Institute Italia, The Aspen Institute (USA), and Aspen Institute España April 15-16, 2012

    The “Arab spring” of 2011 has posed a series of challenges and raises the prospect still of very uncertain outcomes for the region. Without doubt, however, it does offer some real opportunities for positive change in relations between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean. With a view to contributing constructively to that end, Aspen Institute Italia has undertaken, in collaboration with various Italian and international partners, to help seize these opportunities, by promoting the emergence of a new generation of leaders in the Mediterranean.

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